Festivals and mass gatherings in India are part of our tradition which has not yet received due attention for ensuring crowd safety. The lack of adequate safety regulation and implementation of management measures have consistently failed to result in crowd disasters. The Centre for Safety and Crowd Risk Research (CSCR2) was established in recognition of the number of deaths and injuries occurring in India as a result of crowd disasters and disasters that occurred at religious mass gatherings. The CSCR2 undertakes consultancy projects, tailor-made training programs, and studies on national, regional, and local mass gatherings risk potentials. The Centre is one of its kind in India, conducting organized research and development in firecracker safety, festival safety, crowd safety, event safety, and spectator safety.


Ensure disaster-free festivals and public gatherings

The mission of CSCRR:

  • Conduct innovative research and develop means and measures for enhancing safety at mass gatherings including festival sites
  • Develop educational tools for crowd management
  • Act as a resource Centre for crowd management strategies


  • To function as a research and scientific advisory council for crowd safety and festival safety
  • To develop innovative technological solutions in addressing crowd risks
  • To develop and deliver professional and executive courses in crowd management and event safety
  • To collaborate with professional associations, private sector firms, government agencies, and event managers in developing practical solutions for festivals and crowd safety

 Internship opportunities in Disaster Management is provided at this center.