The institute is located in an area of 6.76 acres [2.73.57 Hectares] in Thirumala village of Thiruvanthapuram taluk and district.The total built up area of the institute is 6945.16 m2. The beautiful walkway and the garden around it, gives unique ambience for instilling environment friendly training to the participants. There are three air conditioned class rooms and a state of the art smart class room for holding variety of in-campus training programmes at the Institute. The institute also offers good hostel facilities for both male and female trainees and can accommodate 51  female and 118 male trainees at a time inside the campus. The Institute also has an executive trainee hostel with nine [9] Air Conditioned [AC] rooms and semi Executive hostel with 36 beds. There are two computer classrooms, two conference halls and one dining hall also housed at the campus and are available for rent. The campus is equipped with “free wifi” and has good mobile coverage for almost all telecom majors. The Institute also has a good library with wide range of books from philosophy to computers. The trainees can avail the Canteen services provided inside the campus at reasonable rates. The Solar system yielding 15 kwh of power and the rain water harvesting structure conserving 75 000 litres of water are also unique features of the campus. There are more than one hundred specii of trees in the campus and the butterfly garden attracts 43 specii of butterflies to the campus every year, during the spring season.