The Governing Body is the supreme body which controls the entire activities of Institute of Land and Disaster Management [ILDM] and it is empowered to take all the policy decisions pertaining to the Institute, as per the Rules. The Governing Body [GB] meets once in six [6] months. The Executive Committee [EC] convened once in three [3] months decides on the macro level activities of the Institute and on the major financial decisions of the Institute. The Director, ILDM is the Head of Institution and act as the Convener of the Governing Body and Executive Committee. The Secretary controls the day to day administration of the institute, also function as the Administrative Officer [AO]. The Programme Officer [PO] controls the Training Division of the Institute including management of faculties. The Staff Council discusses the matters pertaining to the general welfare of institute, on weekly basis and takes decisions as per the general directives of the Executive Committee and Governing Body of the Institute. The ILDM Manual prescribes the duties and functions of different functionaries of the Institute.