The Kerala flood 2018 caused widespread physical damage to the state of Kerala. A study conducted in the Idukki district reveals that the mental agony of the affected people has increased by 25%. The recurring floods in 2019 also severely affected the community which resulted in traumatic conditions for the victims. The Officials of the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management reported issues with interaction with the affected victims, in relief camps.

In the above context, the Institute of Land and Disaster Management (ILDM) developed a new center on Post Disaster Counseling, under the Disaster Management Center of the institute.

The objectives of the center are to educate the officials on warmth interaction during relief camp operations,  empower the officials to interact with disaster victims with unconditional positive regard, and educate the officials to provide relief assistance empathetically and to communicate with the victims on the eligible relief measures.

This center offers internship opportunities to students in the disaster management discipline.