River Management Centre (RMC)

The Revenue Department, Government of Kerala, established River Management Cell at Institute of Land and Disaster Management (ILDM) for co-ordinating River Bank Mapping and Sand Auditing programme in the State as per G.O. (Rt) No. 161/12/RD dt 21.4.2012. The cell has been upgraded to a permanent research and learning centre of ILDM in 2017. A multidisciplinary team functions in this Centre.  The Centre provides field training to the agencies engaged in river bank mapping and sand auditing, assesses progress of work, verify the maps and data in lab and on the field; finalization and submission of reports to Government, documentation and safeguard of data and reports; providing technical support to government on river management; departmental logistics and liaisons with NCESS.

Under the auspices of RMC, during 2012 – 2017 period the Sand Auditing of 18 rivers were conducted and reports are published. River Bank Mapping of 16 rivers were also completed.

Neyyar, Karamana, Vamanapuram, Ithikara, Kallada & Kulathupuzha, Pamba, Achankovil, Meenachil, Periyar, Muvattupuzha, Chalakudy, Karuvannur, Chaliyar, Kadalundi, Kuttiyadi, Kabani, Anjarakandy and Chandragiri.

During the Second Phase, from February 2017, RMC is  carrying out Sand Auditing and River Bank Mapping of the following rivers with the help of NGOs, Educational/ Research Institutions etc.

Mogral, Shiriya, Uppala, Kariangode, Chandragiri Part-2, Kuppam, Sreekantapurampuzha, Peruvemba, Vallithode, Mahe River, Thoothapuzha, Gayathripuzha, Bhavani, Keecheri, and Manimala.

Hand Book on River Bank Mapping and Sand Auditing

Hand Book on River Bank Protection in Kerala

Hand Book on Flood Level Marking Survey ( Flood 2018)

Research Article : Sand Auditing for Sustainable River Sand Mining in Kerala, India – An Overview , Curr World Environ 2021;16(3). DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.12944/CWE.16.3.10